Always Clean

Cleaning Services

Regular Cleaning

Arrive to the worksite that is clean and ready for you to start your day. Fully customizable daily, weekly, and bi-weekly packages available at a contracted monthly rate.

Deep Cleaning

Need a general deep clean or one that needs to follow health and safety guidelines? We have you covered! Build your own customized package to suit.

Floor Waxing

Our team can bring your used and worn floors back to life. Add some beautiful shine - along with protective treatment - for future preservation.

Carpet Cleaning

Freshen up your space by removing the grime and buildup in your carpeted areas. When we’re through, they’ll look (and smell) amazing!

What You Can Expect From Our Services


All services receive the Relate Janitorial “white glove services” backed by our “Always Clean” guarantee.


All of our staff goes through an intensive training program. We know the importance of a clean space, have regular quality checks, and follow customized client cleaning tasks.

Bonded and Insured

Our Relate Janitorial team members are bonded and insured. All have had a criminal record check, and we are covered by WorkSafe with liability coverage.

Confidentiality and Security

Have a peace of mind knowing that all our keys are coded (non-traceable-to-address-system) and all personal information is kept confidential.

Heath and Saftey

Our Team follows WorkSafeBC health and safety guidelines.

Cleaning Supplies

We use environmentally friendly products that offer great cleaning power.

Our Team

"We Create Clean, Welcoming Spaces so You and Your Team can Flourish.



Elanna is the creative visionary behind Relate. You’ll be hard-pressed to find her not smiling! She’s excellent at making those around her feel valued and understood; honouring others is a continual focus for her as she builds team and client relationships. Elanna enjoys a good matcha latte, road trips and Okanagan adventures with her husband and kids, and anything to do with changing the world with friends.



Elisha provides the steadiness and wisdom needed for Relate’s continual growth. His presence is key to Relate HQ’s organization, to our vacuums working, and to good decisions being chosen and executed. Elisha is an avid guitarist, a husband and dad, and one of the best friends you could ever have.



Gaby will most likely be the first person you come in contact with at Relate, and she’ll make you feel like gold from start to finish. She oversees all the inner workings of our team, keeps us on target, and champions everyone around her fiercely. She asks the best questions and therefore delivers the best results. Gaby likes camping, watching her son play hockey, and drinking chai lattes with a side of chocolate.

Who We Are

The Relate story spans across Canada! Our origins began in Manitoba, when a group of friends realized the need for flexible, reliable and community-focused cleaning services. Together they worked hard to develop a team culture founded on integrity, communication and dedication to solutions. Their cleaning team became known in their local communities for their excellent quality and honest rapport.

In 2014 Elanna Dyck, one of the founding members of the cleaning team, married the love of her life and moved to the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Elanna had a passion to offer cleaning services to her new hometown with the same core values she had always held. With a group of friends at the helm once more, something beautiful was created - the Relate Janitorial team.

Relate Janitorial was fashioned with the same wholesome values as before, along with a drive to make a community difference through cleaning. The team at Relate wasn’t ‘hired’ - they joined our family! Our team treats each other with true respect & appreciation, and we encourage our family to grow.

This dynamic is two-fold as we then get to deliver it to you: our clients! Over the past eight years we have grown into a commercial cleaning service that is known for treating others like we would want to be treated, while providing excellent services tailored to our many unique clients. Our hard-working team delivers our ‘Always Clean’ results with a smile (and sometimes with a side of chocolate!).

Now that you’ve met us… we look forward to meeting you!

"Serving the Okanagan since 2014""Serving the Okanagan since 2014"

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